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St. Louis residents and visitors prepare to be mesmerized by one of the city’s first beauty-specialized boutiques, the Wink iBoutique Lash & Brow Bar. Nestled in the heart of Town and Country, this beauty haven specializes in providing premium lash, brow, and skin treatments by some of the city’s most talented artists.

The founder, Christina Passanise, established this sanctuary of beauty back in 2016 with a dream to create an inclusive, inspiring space where stylists and clients work together to inspire a sense of purpose, self-worth, and confidence.

A Variety of Beauty Services

On stepping into Wink iBoutique, you’re welcomed by a plethora of options for pampering your lashes, brows, and skin. This boutique salon also boasts two private tattoo studios that offer fine line and traditional tattoo styles. Their extensive list of services is paired with detailed consultations to ensure that you walk out flaunting a customized look that beautifully complements your unique features.

Environment & Ambience

One aspect that is evident across multiple reviews is the impressive ambiance of Wink iBoutique. From its chic aesthetic to the inviting and calm private suites, customers are captivated the moment they step in. Clients appreciate the serene environment, where they can kick back on ergonomic beds and enjoy soft lighting and soothing music, all while being wrapped in a cozy blanket. The environment is truly crafted for relaxation and makes for an exceptional beauty treatment experience.

The Artists

Wink iBoutique is home to some of St. Louis’s best beauty artists. The founder, Christina, is highly praised for her exceptional lash extension skills, wedding makeup artistry, and microblading proficiency. In addition, clients often rave about her ability to create looks that reflect their individual personalities and lifestyles. Erin and Jaimee are also mentioned frequently, lauded for their knowledge and expertise in the beauty industry.

Other artists like Kalie, Avery, Kaitlyn, and Lex are noted for their meticulous attention to detail, professionalism, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Their ability to listen and adapt to customers’ needs is a recurrent theme in many reviews, further amplifying the reputation of Wink iBoutique’s skilled team.

Customer Service and Booking

A majority of reviews highlight the seamless booking process and smooth check-in/out procedures at Wink iBoutique. The team’s professionalism is commended regularly, with clients appreciating the efficient service and the team’s dedication to ensuring a fantastic experience for every customer.

Wedding Services

From wedding day airbrush makeup that lasts through the night to pre-wedding lash extensions, Wink iBoutique is a beloved choice among brides-to-be. Their services help brides look their best not only for their big day but also for the honeymoon that follows.

Tattoo Services

The tattoo services offered at Wink iBoutique have garnered enthusiastic responses from clients. Christina’s tattoo work is praised for its stunning design and meticulous execution. Even clients from out-of-state recommend her work, a testament to her exceptional talent.

Customer Testimonials

Among the 122 online reviews across various platforms, Wink iBoutique maintains high ratings, with Google and Facebook both scoring 4.7 out of 5, Yelp 4 out of 5, and the knot 5 out of 5. Testimonials often cite individual artists’ talent, the salon’s relaxing ambiance, and the customer service’s professionalism. While a few reviews note minor issues with service or misunderstanding of offers, these are greatly outnumbered by the positive experiences shared by happy clients.


Quality of Services and Products

The quality of the services Wink iBoutique Lash & Brow Bar provides is a recurring theme in their positive reviews. The high level of expertise and professionalism, coupled with a wide range of services, was praised by many clients. Lash extensions, microblading, brow shaping, tinting, and more specialized services like keratin lash lifts, brow lamination, and tattooing were highlighted as standout offerings. In addition, the meticulousness and thoroughness of the artists in achieving custom looks that match clients’ unique facial features garnered much appreciation.

The salon’s products also come highly recommended, especially the lash extensions. They reportedly last for weeks without the need for mascara – a major selling point for many. One bride-to-be had them applied for her wedding and loved that they were voluminous yet looked natural and required no maintenance on her honeymoon. The brow treatments, including powder brows, were also lauded for their long-lasting results and transformative power.

The Wink Experience

Clients consistently praised the overall experience at Wink iBoutique, mentioning that the salon has a relaxing yet upbeat atmosphere. They loved the private suites equipped with ergonomic beds, soft lighting, and cozy blankets, which foster a calming environment for the treatments. It’s easy to see why some have even drifted off to sleep during their appointments.

The ease of booking appointments online, the smooth check-in/out process, and the almost nonexistent wait times were all appreciated. Clients were also impressed by the salon’s emphasis on client education – from the consultation at the start of each appointment, where the process is explained and individual needs and desires are discussed, to providing aftercare instructions and tools.

The Artists

The artists at Wink iBoutique were roundly praised for their professionalism, skills, attention to detail, and personable nature. Christina, the salon’s founder, was commended for her exemplary lash extension and microblading skills. Many clients remarked on how long they’ve been seeing her and the consistently high standard of her work. Avery M. was also complimented for her brow and lash work, as was Erin for her microblading expertise. Other artists like Kalie, Kaitlyn, Chelsea, and Lex also received positive feedback for their respective skills in brow shaping, lash extension, tinting, and powder brows.

A special mention goes to the artists’ ability to not just perform the treatments but also to listen to their clients, understand their needs and desires, and then create looks that fit those preferences perfectly. Clients greatly appreciated this trait and instilled a high level of trust in the artists’ abilities.

Improvement Areas

There were some mixed reviews regarding customer service and communication. Some clients wished they had been kept informed during the process of their treatment. Others raised issues with miscommunication, particularly around scheduling and pricing. For instance, a few clients noted that they were not offered the advertised new client special. These concerns, while relatively few, suggest an area for improvement.


In conclusion, Wink iBoutique Lash & Brow Bar has made a mark on St. Louis’s beauty scene with its wide range of high-quality services, professional and skilled artists, and inviting, relaxing atmosphere. Clients value the salon’s commitment to creating a sense of purpose, self-worth, and confidence through beauty treatments. While there is some room for improvement in customer service and communication, the overall consensus is that the salon offers an excellent beauty experience that is worth every penny.

So, whether you are a resident of St. Louis or a visitor, Wink iBoutique Lash & Brow Bar is worth checking out. It’s an investment in your beauty, and the payoffs are significant: you walk away not just looking better but feeling better, too. It’s a place where you can find a new favorite beauty treatment, pick up some maintenance tips, and, above all, enjoy a little ‘me’ time in a comforting and professional environment. Despite some minor areas of improvement, Wink iBoutique Lash & Brow Bar has certainly earned its positive reputation and is a leading choice for beauty services in the area.

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