Where is Town and Country, Missouri?

Town and Country, Missouri, is a unique city with a quaint name located in close proximity to St. Louis, Missouri. With a current population of 11,804, it is the perfect-sized suburb to live and play in. 

If you want to learn more about this highly-ranked locale, keep reading. 

What are the Zip Codes Within the City Limits?

Relative to its size, one might think that Town and Country is comprised of just one Zip Code. But, in fact, it encompasses four distinct Zip Codes. They are 63017, 63141, 63131, and 63011. Due to this anomaly, it is essential to know the appropriate Zip Code when you are sending items to areas within the confines of the city.

What is the City Known For?

Town and Country is located near several well-known companies, including Energizer and Missouri Baptist Medical Center, or MoBap, as the locals call it. Having a first-rate medical facility nearby is a major draw to the area.

Another focal point is Longview Farm Park. It is the site of a former working farm with some of the original buildings still intact. The park spans approximately 300 acres and includes a wide variety of activities for everyone. 

Visit Town and Country, MO Today

Come and see what all of the excitement is about. Town and Country, Missouri, offers a small-town feeling in a convent location near the metropolis of St. Louis. You will find anything you need or want in the area. Check it out today. 

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