What’s the Weather Like in Town and Country, MO?

Unlike many other US locations, Town and Country enjoy some variation between the seasons. The summer seasons provide warm temperatures, while the winters drop significantly. 

The average temperature in Town and Country during the summer, which is 3.7 months long, is about 78.8F. In comparison, the winters will see up to 24.8F. 

Any warm-weather activities are usually enjoyed by tourists and residents alike between mid-May to late September. The humidity is also high between these months, often described as muggy. This humidity pearls between late June and mid-September. Town and country experience extreme variation in the season humidity. 

From the 18th of September, the end of the hot season, Town and Country heads into the cold season, which starts on the 28th of November. From the end of November, the temperature drops to a low of 24.8F. 

The cloudiest month is considered to be from the 31st of October, and you can expect cloudy and cool weather until early June. 

February is the cloudiest month, with it being cloudy about 53% of the time. 

Snow is expected from mid-November to early March, and rain varies between 19% chance to 41% chance throughout the year – with May seeing the peak of the rain. 

Between the 16th of May to October, Town and Country experiences lower wind; however, peaks of high winds up to 14.2 km are possible. 

Town and Country has a modest average temperature of 56.8F and around 42.9 inches of rainfall annually. 

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Town and Country Climate, Weather By Month, Average Temperature (Missouri, United States)


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