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Situated at 1272 Town and Country Crossing Dr, Chesterfield, MO, the Target store at the Town and Country Crossing Center is far more than a typical department store. It’s a vibrant shopping experience defined by superior customer service, a broad selection of high-quality products, and a warm, welcoming ambiance. This particular store distinguishes itself from numerous other Target branches nationwide with its unique capacity to cultivate a closely knit community, chiefly due to its commendable staff.

Store Aesthetics and Atmosphere

One of the most striking attributes of this Target store is its immaculate cleanliness and organization, coupled with the consistent stock levels. A clean and organized shopping environment fosters a more enjoyable, stress-free experience. In addition, the store layout is meticulously designed, featuring wide aisles that accommodate easy movement, products methodically displayed across various categories, and appealing visual presentations that often inspire customers to explore beyond their initial shopping list.

Moreover, this Target store regularly organizes clearance sales, offering significant discounts across a vast range of products. These sales events are not only a delight for the bargain hunters but also incentivize customers to make both spontaneous and well-planned visits to the store.

The Starbucks outlet within the premises is a noteworthy amenity that adds to the store’s allure. The option to savor a delectable cup of Starbucks coffee during a shopping spree is an indulgence many customers appreciate. These minor perks demonstrate the store’s commitment to providing an enhanced shopping experience, setting this Target branch a notch above the rest.

Product Range

This Target store sets a high bar when it comes to the variety of products on offer. It houses several specialized departments like Target Grocery, Target Mobile, and the Target Photo Center, demonstrating its mission to serve a diverse range of customer needs. Whether it’s chic home decor items, daily groceries, advanced electronics, or local St. Louis sports merchandise, this store is equipped to fulfill its customers’ varied requirements. Consistently stocked shelves and exclusive product offerings make this location a preferred shopping destination.

Customer Service

Perhaps the most compelling strength of this Target location is its exceptional customer service. The employees across all departments, from the cashiers to the optical center and even the in-house Starbucks, exhibit an unwavering commitment to their customers. Many customer reviews laud the staff’s patience, kindness, and willingness to help, frequently going above and beyond to ensure a memorable shopping experience.

Instances where employees have lent a helping hand to a heavily pregnant customer or set up a heartening memorial for a regular customer at Starbucks truly embody the spirit of a home away from home. In addition, the store personnel has been recognized for their speedy checkout process, proactive assistance to bewildered shoppers, and skill in resolving issues, even in situations involving complex drive-up orders.


With its strategic location in the Town and Country Crossing center, adjacent to a Whole Foods market, this Target store is a convenient one-stop shopping solution. In addition to traditional in-store shopping, the store also provides services like curbside pickup and delivery, catering to the modern-day consumer’s demand for convenience. Furthermore, ample parking space and an efficient self-checkout system streamlines the shopping process, alleviating potential stress and leaving customers with a pleasant impression.

In-Store Services

A standout offering at this Target store is the Optical Department. Customers have highly praised this service, noting the staff’s professionalism, kindness, and efficiency. The Optical Department employs cutting-edge equipment for precise eyeglasses fittings and operates within customers’ insurance limits, rendering it an affordable service. This mindfulness towards the customers’ overall experience expands beyond mere retail and into essential health services, setting this Target branch apart from many others.

Additional Offerings

Yet another feather in this store’s cap is its contribution to the community. This Target location promotes the local economy by stocking regional products, including Missouri-made spirits, local craft beers, and St. Louis Cardinals and Blues merchandise, encouraging support for local businesses and teams. Additionally, the store plays an active role in community service, participating in events like the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce’s Winter Festival. This approach goes beyond conventional retail, positioning the store as an integral part of the community.


The Target store in Chesterfield, MO, on 1272 Town and Country Crossing Dr, surpasses expectations as a retail destination. It combines convenience, variety, superior customer service, and a sense of community to create a shopping experience that exceeds the norm. The in-store services, from the optical center to Starbucks, and its active role in the local community truly distinguish this store. These aspects have earned this Target location not only the affection of local shoppers but a consistent five-star rating on Google Reviews and Yelp, making it a must-visit destination for any shopping enthusiast in the area.

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