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Strategically located in the picturesque Town and Country Crossing, the REI in Town and Country, Missouri, is a true gem for those who love the great outdoors. With ratings of 4.6 stars from Google Reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Yelp, it serves as a beacon for outdoor adventurers, effectively marrying high-quality outdoor gear with unbeatable customer service.

A Warm Welcome: Store Layout and Ambiance

From the moment you set foot in the REI Town and Country, it’s clear that every detail is carefully curated to make the customer’s shopping experience smooth and enjoyable. The store’s expansive layout effectively captures your attention, drawing your gaze to the diverse range of gear, apparel, and footwear on display.

The journey starts with up-front displays that showcase the latest and most popular items, gradually leading you toward the sale items and shoes at the back of the store. The strategic arrangement ensures that you’ll easily find your desired product with ease, whether you’re after the latest hiking boots or a discount on a camping tent.

In terms of lighting, the store leans towards a dim, intimate ambiance. It might seem unusual for a retail outlet. Still, for a brand like REI, it adds a subtle touch of authenticity, seemingly echoing the peaceful serenity one finds in nature.

Variety and Quality: A Comprehensive Product Selection

One of the standout qualities of REI Town and Country is the impressive range of items they carry. The store has got you covered, from fitness attire that lets you work out in style and comfort to camping equipment that guarantees an unforgettable outdoor experience.

Customers have particularly lauded the vast selection of Beyond Yoga activewear, a brand renowned for its stylish and comfortable products. The substantial array of winter gear also stands out, with numerous reviewers appreciating the assortment of high-quality winter wear that caters to varying tastes and preferences.

An Extension of the Community: Exceptional Customer Service

In the realm of customer service, REI Town and Country truly excels. Each staff member seems to embody the brand’s passion for the outdoors, ensuring that each customer feels part of the community.

One customer recounted how Judy, a store associate, patiently listened to her mother’s needs and spent considerable time finding the right product for them. Stories like these aren’t unusual; many reviewers have applauded the employees for their dedication, friendliness, and expertise.

Eric, another store associate, received particular praise for assisting a customer with his membership details and engaging him in a conversation about their shared interests in Utah recreation. It’s these kinds of personal interactions that elevate the shopping experience from a simple retail transaction to a shared experience between outdoor enthusiasts.

Bringing People Together: Grand Opening and Store Events

REI Town and Country’s Grand Opening was an event to remember. Outdoor companies from all over came together to support the launch, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared excitement. This community spirit wasn’t limited to the grand opening; the store often hosts events that bring people together, fostering a community that shares a mutual love for the outdoors.

Inclusivity and Sustainability: More Than Just A Store

Embracing all kinds of customers, REI Town and Country is an LGBTQ-friendly space where everyone is made to feel welcome. Their commitment to inclusivity doesn’t stop there. REI’s commitment to sustainability is another commendable aspect, reflected in their co-op membership program. This program offers impressive benefits and reinforces REI’s mission of conserving the environment and supporting sustainable business practices.

Room for Improvement: Constructive Criticisms

Though predominantly positive, a few reviews indicated room for improvement. Some customers felt the store was somewhat overpriced, while others wished for more accessible help when making high-end purchases. Constructive feedback like this helps REI continue to evolve and adapt to meet their customers’ needs.


REI Town and Country is more than just a retail store; it’s a hub for a community of outdoor enthusiasts. From the impressive range of products to exceptional customer service, every element is designed to encourage and equip people to embrace the outdoors.

Whether you’re planning an extreme outdoor expedition or simply want to equip yourself for casual weekend hikes, REI Town and Country offers an experience well worth the visit. Come for the gear, stay for the people, and embrace the outdoors like never before.

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 by John B
Best Bike Shop in StL...Town & Country REI

Just got both my ebikes "tuned-up" for the winter (no electrical issues to deal with) and I couldn't be happier! My ebikes are like new...actually better than new. Susie & her entire Crew (@ Town & Country REI) are simply THE BEST BIKE SHOP in StL. I highly recommend giving them a try. You won't be disappointed. Their outstanding, swift service comes with a smile, professionalism, patience, expertise and they stand behind their work with a warranty...all at a reasonable cost. Happy 2024! Keep RIDING!!
John B.

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