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Panera Bread in Town and Country, MO, is a bakery and café that has become a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. Offering a variety of delicious and healthy menu options, Panera has something for everyone. With a commitment to serving customers safely through curbside and contactless delivery, Panera is the perfect place to enjoy good food in a comfortable and modern environment. Based on customer reviews, let’s dive into some key highlights of this bakery/café.

Ambiance and Atmosphere

Customers rave about the ambiance and atmosphere at Panera in Town and Country. The modern and spacious design makes it a comfortable spot for customers to enjoy their meals. With plenty of seating and power outlets available, it’s an ideal place for people to study, work, or catch up with friends.

The relaxing atmosphere and cleanliness make it a favorite spot among customers. One reviewer mentioned it being a “chill place to do homework,” while another praised the establishment as “one of the cleanest feeling bread companies” they’ve ever been to.

Menu Variety and Taste

Panera is well-known for its extensive menu, including soups, salads, sandwiches, flatbread pizzas, and pastries. Customers have enjoyed their food options, appreciating the fresh ingredients and generous portions.

The unlimited coffee deal for $8.99 is highly popular among customers who appreciate the variety of options available to customize their drinks. The customer favorite is the hazelnut coffee with almond milk, honey, and cinnamon.

The Asian sesame chicken salad, turkey chili, margherita pizza, and Greek salad combo deals are a few of the dishes that customers have praised. Panera’s focus on offering healthy options has been well-received, with one customer mentioning, “lots of options, including healthy ones.”

Customer Service

One of the most praised aspects of Panera in Town and Country is its exceptional customer service. Customers frequently mention the friendly and accommodating staff who go above and beyond to make sure orders are correct and timely. Some customers had even had their orders personally delivered to their tables when they were unable to carry their trays due to injury or disability.

The staff’s attentiveness and willingness to fix any mistakes that may occur have been applauded by many customers. One customer shared a story of their rapid pick-up order going missing, only for the staff to quickly remake their order and offer a free cookie for the wait.

Drive-Through and Online Ordering

Panera in Town and Country offers a convenient drive-through service and online ordering through their website or app. Customers appreciate the ease of ordering and picking up their food without having to leave their vehicles. The drive-through staff has been noted to be exceptionally friendly, creating a pleasant experience for customers. One reviewer mentioned their drive-through experience was typical, but the staff’s friendliness made it an “instant mood enhancer.”

Contactless Delivery

In light of the ongoing pandemic, Panera Bread in Town and Country is focused on serving customers safely with their contactless delivery service. This option allows customers to enjoy Panera’s delicious food in the comfort of their own homes without worrying about potential health risks. One customer expressed gratitude for the Panera “heroes” and for giving them some normalcy during uncertain times.

Self-Checkout iPads

Another convenient feature that Panera Bread in Town and Country offers is the self-checkout iPads. Customers find this feature mostly easy to use, with the exception of the payment terminal, which some have found to be slower than desired. Nevertheless, the self-checkout system allows for a more streamlined ordering process and reduces wait times.

Room for Improvement

While the majority of customer reviews gathered from Google, MenuPix, and Yelp are positive, a few negative experiences have also been shared. One customer felt that the sandwiches had been skimped on ingredients, while another had a disappointing encounter with a rude staff member. However, these incidents seem isolated, and the overall customer experience at this Panera location remains largely positive.

Community and Corporate Events

Panera Bread in Town and Country has also been acknowledged for supporting local businesses and organizations. They are known for accommodating large orders and promptly addressing any issues that may arise. One customer shared their experience, stating that Panera “always goes above and beyond” when catering for their company.


Panera Bread in Town and Country, MO, is a fantastic spot for people looking for tasty, healthy food in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. With its outstanding customer service, delicious food, and convenient ordering options, it’s no wonder that this Panera location is so popular in the community. Most customers have had positive experiences and continue to return for more great food and service.

In summary, Panera Bread in Town and Country offers a pleasant dining experience with a relaxing atmosphere, diverse menu options, and exceptional customer service. The drive-through, online ordering, contactless delivery, and self-checkout iPads provide customers with the convenience they desire. Despite a few negative reviews, Panera Bread in Town and Country, MO, has proven to be a beloved spot for its community, and it’s a great choice for anyone looking for a satisfying and enjoyable meal.

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