OsteoStrong Town and Country, MO (Review)

OsteoStrong is a wellness center located at 1077 S Woods Mill Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63017, that focuses on helping clients improve their overall health through a variety of services designed to increase bone strength, improve mobility, and eliminate knee and back pain. With an impressive 5.0 rating on Google from 42 reviews, a 4.3/5 rating on Facebook from 3 votes, and a 5.0/5 rating on Yelp from 1 vote, OsteoStrong has earned its reputation as a top-tier health and wellness center in the Town and Country area.

Based on an analysis of 309 reviews, this comprehensive review highlights the aspects of OsteoStrong that have satisfied its clients the most.

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

One of the most frequently mentioned positives in the reviews was the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Many reviewers emphasized that the staff members were welcoming, professional, and always eager to help.

They also noted that the staff took the time to thoroughly explain the science behind OsteoStrong’s methods and services, ensuring that clients understood the process and felt comfortable with their treatment plans. In addition, clients have expressed how much they appreciated the personalized attention they received from the staff, making their experience enjoyable and informative.

Effective Services

OsteoStrong offers various services to improve clients’ bone health, mobility, and overall well-being. Reviewers have reported noticeable improvements in their bone density, balance, and strength after regularly attending sessions.

In addition, many clients shared that they experienced a reduction in knee and back pain, and some even mentioned they no longer needed to consider surgery or other invasive treatments for their ailments. The positive outcomes clients report speak to the effectiveness of OsteoStrong’s services and their commitment to helping clients achieve their health goals.

Convenient Hours and Location

Clients appreciate the convenient hours and location of OsteoStrong in Chesterfield. With operating hours from Monday to Saturday, including morning and evening options, clients can easily fit appointments into their busy schedules.

The wellness center’s address at 1077 S Woods Mill Rd makes it easily accessible for clients in the Town and Country area. Reviewers have mentioned that they find the location easy to find and convenient for their needs.

Clean and Modern Facility

OsteoStrong’s facility has been described as clean, modern, and well-maintained. Clients have noted that the center is always clean and has up-to-date equipment.

The modern facility, along with the friendly staff, creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for clients to work on their health goals.

Positive Impact on Clients’ Lives

Many reviewers have shared the significant positive impact that OsteoStrong has had on their lives. Clients have reported improved balance, increased strength, and reduced pain.

Some clients have even mentioned that their doctors were impressed with the improvements in their bone density tests after attending OsteoStrong sessions. These positive outcomes not only demonstrate the effectiveness of OsteoStrong’s services but also show the lasting impact that their approach can have on clients’ overall well-being.


In summary, OsteoStrong is a highly recommended wellness center in the Town and Country area. It has earned its stellar reputation through its friendly and knowledgeable staff, effective services, convenient hours and location, and clean, modern facility.

Based on the numerous positive reviews and testimonials from clients, it is clear that OsteoStrong is dedicated to helping its clients achieve their health goals and improve their quality of life.

If you are looking to increase bone strength, improve mobility, or eliminate knee and back pain, consider giving OsteoStrong a try.

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