Milan Laser Hair Removal Town and Country, MO (Review)

Milan Laser Hair Removal in Town and Country, MO, has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews from satisfied customers who have experienced exceptional results and service at this first-rate facility. With a team of highly trained medical professionals and the best laser technology in the industry, Milan Laser Hair Removal provides permanent hair removal solutions to help you achieve smooth, hair-free skin.

Location and Hours

Milan Laser Hair Removal is conveniently located at 1228 Town and Country Crossing Dr, Suite 1228, in the Town and Country Crossing complex in Town and Country, MO, 63017. Their business hours are Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with Sundays being closed.

You can find more information about their services on their website or by contacting them at 636-573-6180. The facility has received outstanding reviews on the web, with a 5/5 rating from 358 Google reviews and a 5/5 rating from 2 Facebook reviews.

Customer Experiences and Testimonials

Professional and Personable Staff

Customers have consistently praised the professionalism and personability of the staff at Milan Laser Hair Removal. From the moment they walk in, clients are greeted with a warm smile and made to feel at ease.

The fact that nurses perform treatments adds an extra level of comfort and trust in the process. Clients also appreciate the knowledgeable staff who can answer all their questions and maintain a friendly conversation during treatments, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere for all.

Comfort and Reassurance

Anxiety and fear are common feelings for first-time clients. Still, the compassionate team at Milan Laser Hair Removal ensures a comfortable and reassuring experience.

The staff takes the time to address any concerns and prepare clients for their appointment, providing a relaxed atmosphere for all. This level of care and consideration has been noted by many clients, who feel more at ease during their treatments thanks to the empathetic staff.

Visible Results

Milan Laser Hair Removal has received high praise for the effectiveness of its treatments. Clients report significant hair reduction and smoother, softer skin after just a few sessions.

The treatments have also helped many clients regain their confidence and feel better about themselves. The overwhelmingly positive results have led to an increase in recommendations and referrals for Milan Laser Hair Removal, making it a top choice for those seeking permanent hair removal solutions.

Clean and Well-Maintained Facility

The Town and Country location is known for its cleanliness and well-maintained clinic. As a result, clients feel comfortable and confident knowing they receive their treatments in a hygienic and organized environment.

The attention to detail in maintaining the facility has not gone unnoticed and has contributed to the overall positive experience for clients.

Lifetime Guarantee

Milan Laser Hair Removal offers a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that clients’ needs are met for the long term. This guarantee, combined with the best equipment and a clean, professional environment, has made Milan Laser Hair Removal the go-to choice for many satisfied customers.

The lifetime guarantee also sets Milan Laser Hair Removal apart from its competitors, providing clients with peace of mind and trust in its services.

Pain Management

While some discomfort is to be expected during laser hair removal treatments, clients have likened the sensation to a facial extraction, lasting only a fraction of a second. The Milan Laser Hair Removal staff does their best to make the experience as painless as possible, offering support and even providing stress balls to help clients cope with discomfort.

The willingness to address pain management demonstrates the staff’s commitment to client satisfaction.

Positive Experiences with Consultations

Before committing to a treatment plan, clients can take advantage of the free consultations offered at Milan Laser Hair Removal. During these consultations, staff members thoroughly explain the process, answer questions, and discuss payment options.

This transparency and patience have been highly appreciated by clients, who feel well-informed and confident in their decision to pursue laser hair removal at this facility.

Personalized and Supportive Customer Service

Milan Laser Hair Removal has received rave reviews for its personalized and supportive customer service. Clients have mentioned feeling valued and cared for, with the staff taking the time to understand their individual needs and concerns.

In addition, the attentive and empathetic approach taken by the staff has been credited with making clients feel more comfortable and confident during their treatments.

Easy Scheduling and Flexible Payment Options

Clients have noted the ease of scheduling appointments and setting up payment plans at Milan Laser Hair Removal. The staff works hard to accommodate clients’ busy schedules and provide flexible payment options that suit their financial situations.

Clients have recognized this flexibility and convenience as major positives, making their overall experience more enjoyable and stress-free.

Community Recommendations

The overwhelmingly positive experiences of clients at Milan Laser Hair Removal have increased community recommendations and referrals. Clients have shared their satisfaction with friends, family, and even medical professionals, spreading the word about this exceptional facility.

This strong reputation within the community speaks to the high-quality service and results provided by Milan Laser Hair Removal.


Milan Laser Hair Removal in Town and Country, MO, has consistently received glowing reviews for its exceptional service, professionalism, and results. Clients have praised the knowledgeable and personable staff, comfortable atmosphere, visible treatment results, and clean facility.

The lifetime guarantee, easy scheduling, and flexible payment options further contribute to the overall positive experience for clients. If you are considering laser hair removal, Milan Laser Hair Removal in Town and Country should undoubtedly be at the top of your list.

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