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As a pet owner, your furry family members’ well-being and overall happiness are paramount. Lola and Penelope’s, located in the charming Lamp & Lantern Village of Town and Country, Missouri, is a haven for pet owners seeking a comprehensive, one-stop destination for all their pet needs. This review consolidates experiences from pet owners who have patronized this store and gives you an insider look into what makes Lola and Penelope’s a must-visit for all pet enthusiasts.

Quality and Variety of Products

Customers rave about the diverse selection of pet products offered at Lola and Penelope’s. From toys, puzzles, and pet clothing to an extensive range of collars, leads, and beds, they seem to have every conceivable accessory your pet could need. According to a dog owner named Lola Maize, “We get all of her toys, puzzles, treats, and collars here!!! Love all of their products.” Another customer commends them for their wide range of raw food options, particularly the non-HPP raw dog food, which is a rarity in other stores.

Award-winning Grooming Services

If Lola and Penelope’s grooming services were to be summed up in one word, it would be ‘exceptional.’ The dog grooming package includes a gentle massage bath, nail trim, eye and ear cleaning, dental check, and a full body haircut. In addition, various add-on options, like the calming Blueberry Facial and the Super De-shed Treatment, are tailored to ensure your pet leaves the store looking their absolute best.

A reviewer called Jennifer, who regularly visits for her rescued Yorkie, expressed her gratitude towards the groomers, stating, “She always grooms him perfectly for the seasons, and that is a lot of work for her.” Likewise, another customer praised groomer Kristen for her 15 years of dedicated service, making their Westie Daisy look beautiful. Numerous customers share similar experiences, commending the gentle and meticulous approach of the grooming staff.

Exceptional Customer Service

Lola and Penelope’s provides top-tier products and services and ensures a pleasant customer experience. Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or an experienced one, the staff goes above and beyond to offer guidance and make your shopping experience memorable. One customer mentions, “The staff and store manager are always super helpful.” Another says, “The customer service is great.. everyone we encounter, from the owner, receptionist, and groomer, has been very friendly, helpful, and attentive.” In addition to their welcoming demeanor, the staff’s depth of knowledge is highly appreciated among the customers.

A Boutique with a Heart

Perhaps one of Lola and Penelope’s most touching aspects is their dedication to community service. A happy customer shared, “They groomed one of our shelter pups for free. They are the best!” This show of kindness proves that Lola and Penelope’s isn’t just a store – it’s a community that genuinely cares for every pet, whether they’re a customer or not.

Pet Consultation and More

Beyond its premium grooming services and quality products, Lola and Penelope’s extends its services to provide consultations for new pet owners and those dealing with specific pet concerns. These include Puppy Consultation for new puppy owners, Senior Consultation for aging pets, and Allergy and Dry Skin Consultations. This personalized attention further enhances the store’s reputation as a comprehensive pet care destination.

Pricing and Value

Lola and Penelope’s prices reflect the premium nature of their products and services. However, reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp frequently mention the excellent value they receive, given the quality and variety offered. Some even mention how the value goes beyond monetary terms, appreciating the knowledgeable advice and friendly service the staff provides.

Pet-Friendly Environment

The store also scores highly for being pet-friendly. Pets are welcomed with open arms, and the environment is designed to be engaging and comfortable for your furry companions. In addition, there are various interactive displays and sections where pets can try out toys, making shopping a fun and interactive experience for pets and their owners.

Events and Workshops

Lola and Penelope’s is more than just a store – it’s a hub for the pet-loving community. They host various events and workshops throughout the year, such as pet photography sessions, adoption events, and informative pet health and nutrition workshops. These events provide opportunities for pet owners to learn, engage, and share their love for their furry friends.

In Conclusion

Lola and Penelope’s is not just a pet store – it’s a pet lover’s paradise. The wide selection of premium products, expert grooming services, friendly and knowledgeable staff, community involvement, and pet-friendly environment all contribute to a holistic pet care experience that’s hard to find elsewhere. This store genuinely cares about your pets’ well-being, and it shows in every aspect of their service.

From the first-time puppy parent to the experienced pet owner, Lola and Penelope’s caters to all with an exceptional touch of care, proving why it’s one of the best pet care destinations in Town and Country, Missouri. So if you’re a pet owner in the vicinity, or even if you’re just passing through, make sure to stop by – you and your pet are in for a treat.

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