How Many People Live in Town and Country, MO?

In the year 2021, the population of Town and Country, Missouri, was 11,503. In 2020, Town and Country, Missouri’s population increased from 11,077 to 11,109, representing a growth rate of 0.289%. Additionally, the city’s average household income increased from $192,983 to $202,974, representing a growth rate of 5.18%.

White (Non-Hispanic) residents make up 82.5% of the population in Town and Country, Missouri. 13.2% of the population comprises Asian (Non-Hispanic) residents. Two+ (Non-Hispanic) residents make up 2.8% of the population. Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) residents make up 1.1% of the population, and White (Hispanic) residents make up 1.2% of the population.

In Town and Country, Missouri, there were 0 households that reported speaking a language other than English at home with their families as their primary shared language. This considers the major language each family member has self-reported speaking, and it does not consider whether or not members of the household speak multiple languages.

In 2020, the average value of a home in Town and Country, Missouri, was $747,300, and the percentage of residents who owned their own homes was 88.6%. The majority of workers in Town and Country, Missouri, commuted to their jobs by themselves, taking an average of 19.3 minutes each way. In Town and Country, Missouri, the average number of cars owned by a household’s residents was two.

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