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Goodcents, located at 1044 Town and Country Crossing Dr, Town, and Country, MO, is a fantastic place to grab a delicious sandwich, pasta, or salad. With a variety of service options, including dine-in, curbside pickup, and no-contact delivery, this simple, counter-serve chain offers a great dining experience. In this review, we will go over the key aspects that make Goodcents stand out from other sandwich shops, such as their unique story, delicious menu items, and exceptional customer service.

Freshness You Can Taste

Goodcents prides itself on using the freshest ingredients possible. With bread baked in-store twice daily and meats sliced fresh to order, you can really taste the difference. The soft, delicious bread is a standout feature that customers rave about. Not to mention, their cookies are so soft and gooey that they might actually be illegal (in a good way, of course)!

Bread and Cookies

The secret behind the deliciousness of Goodcents’ sandwiches lies in their bread. Customers often mention how soft and light the bread is, adding a unique touch to their sandwiches. Goodcents bake their bread in-store twice daily, ensuring it remains fresh throughout the day.

Their cookies also deserve special mention. Soft, gooey, and scrumptious, these treats are the perfect way to round out your meal or indulge in a sweet snack. In addition, customers have praised the cookies for their exceptional taste and texture.

The Menu

The Goodcents menu offers a wide range of options, including cold and hot subs, kinds of pasta, and salads. Their legendary 16-inch sandwiches are perfect for those with hearty appetites. At the same time, their traditional options like turkey, ham and cheese, or meatball subs are always a hit. Specialty items such as the Penny Club, featuring turkey, ham, and roast beef, are also popular choices among customers.

Cold and Hot Subs

Goodcents offers a variety of cold and hot subs to cater to every taste. Some of their popular cold subs include the Classic Club, which features turkey, ham, and bacon, and the Italian sub, packed with salami, pepperoni, and capicola. If you’re in the mood for a hot sub, try their Meatball sub, smothered in marinara sauce and melted provolone cheese, or the Buffalo Chicken sub, a spicy delight with buffalo sauce and ranch dressing.

Pastas and Salads

In addition to their delectable subs, Goodcents also serves a selection of kinds of pasta and salads. Their pasta dishes, such as spaghetti with marinara sauce or fettuccine Alfredo, are comforting and satisfying, making for a delicious and filling meal. Their salads are made with fresh, crisp vegetables and are a great option for a lighter, healthier meal. Some salad options include the Chef Salad, featuring ham, turkey, and a blend of cheeses, and the Garden Salad, a mix of fresh veggies topped with your choice of dressing.

The Goodcents Story

Founder Joseph Bisogno started Goodcents in 1989 after years of experience in the food industry. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to create a chain prioritizing trust, respect, and integrity. Today, there are over 80 franchised Goodcents locations nationwide. The company is committed to providing the highest quality sandwich and meals every time you visit. Their focus on freshness truly sets them apart.

Goodcents Foundation

Goodcents is not only about providing fresh and delicious food but also about giving back to the community. For over two decades, the Goodcents Foundation has taught people of all ages to grow their own food via a thriving teaching garden curriculum in seven elementary and middle schools. By bringing teaching gardens to communities across the US, the Goodcents Foundation aims to develop sustainable educational programs that teach life skills and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Exceptional Customer Service

One key feature that makes Goodcents a standout choice is its exceptional customer service. Many customers praise the friendly and attentive staff at the Town and Country location, noting that they are always greeted warmly and treated with respect. The positive atmosphere created by the employees keeps customers coming back for more.

Staff Training and Dedication

Goodcents ensures that its staff is well-trained and knowledgeable about its products, enabling them to provide helpful suggestions and recommendations to customers. In addition, the staff’s dedication to creating a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience is a significant factor in the positive customer reviews Goodcents has received.

Convenient Service Options

In addition to their dine-in option, Goodcents also offers curbside pickup and no-contact delivery, ensuring that you can enjoy their delicious food no matter your preference. Plus, with their loyalty reward program, you can earn points and receive special offers just for being a regular customer.

Online Ordering and Delivery

Goodcents makes it easy for customers to order their favorite sandwiches, portions of pasta, and salads through their website or mobile app. With the option for no-contact delivery, you can enjoy a fresh and tasty meal in the comfort of your own home. Curbside pickup is also available for those who prefer to grab their food on the go.

Positive Customer Reviews

Goodcents has received numerous positive reviews on Google and Facebook from customers who appreciate the fresh, tasty food and excellent customer service. Here are a few examples of the praise they have received:

  • “The bread sets these guys apart. I also love the ham, pepperoni, and Bologna. The bread is so soft and light, but the best thing about this location is the staff.”
  • “Mr. Goodcents is my favorite chain sandwich shop. The meats and the breads just taste better than many of the other ones, like Subway.”
  • “The service is always fast n friendly here.”
  • “The bread was so soft and fresh. The meats are sliced fresh to order. The vegetables were very ripe and crisp.”

In Conclusion

Overall, Goodcents in Town and Country, MO, is a fantastic choice for those seeking a delicious, fresh meal in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Their commitment to quality ingredients, exceptional customer service, and a wide range of menu options make them a standout choice in the world of sandwich shops. Furthermore, their dedication to giving back to the community through the Goodcents Foundation shows they truly care about making a positive impact. Give Goodcents a try, and you’re sure to be impressed!

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