5 Best Shopping Centers in Town and Country, MO (for 2024)

Town and Country has some incredible shopping centers that are perfect for anyone looking for a little retail therapy. Whether there’s something you need to buy or you just want to have some fun, these malls and shopping centers give you plenty of options. You’ll find whatever you need, from shops of all kinds to dining at one of these locations. Each has its own personality and benefits, offering something for everyone.

1. Town and Country Crossing

Town and Country Crossing is an excellent choice for shopping if you’re looking for somewhere that’s pedestrian-friendly. In addition, you can walk in and around the development, which is ideal if you want to leave the car at home and get a little exercise. The shopping center has a mix of local and national brands. You can find everything from groceries to fashion, health, beauty, and sporting goods. There’s also a good selection of dining options, from Mexican food to sushi.

2. Mason Woods Village

Mason Woods Village is a mall not far from Queeny County Park. This little shopping area is a great place to shop, stop for coffee, and enjoy a day out. The boutique shops make it a unique place to visit, perfect for people who want something outside the usual chains. You’ll find higher-end shops here, plus some places to have a meal or snack, including Italian food. You can even pick up your groceries at Straub’s.

If you’re in the area you should also check out the Town and Country’s Longview Park.

3. Blacksmith Grove (Town Square)

The Town Square began development in 2017, and Blacksmith Grove offers a shopping center in this community space. This recreational and retail space includes shops, restaurants, and other amenities such as wine and cocktail bars. Not far from the county park and Mason Wood Village, you will find local businesses flourishing here. This relatively new shopping center is still growing, so keep your eyes open for any new stores and other businesses opening soon.

4. Lamp and Lantern Village

Lamp and Lantern Village has a fantastic mix of both big names and smaller local businesses. So whether you want to stop for Subway, drop off a package with UPS, or get some essential items from ACE Hardware, you can find everything you need in this shopping center. Its charming colonial style is inviting, and even a garden walk area is perfect for relaxation. Outside of the shopping center, some surrounding retailers are easily accessible too.

5. Clayton Village

Clayton Village is home to some excellent eateries, offering pizza and pasta, a bakery, and a Jimmy John’s. The shopping center also has several upmarket stores and a U.S. Bank, plus it’s conveniently located near a post office. The same intersection also provides several other convenience restaurants and businesses, including Target, Whole Foods, McDonald’s, and Starbucks.

Town and Country, MO, has a choice of fantastic shopping centers that offer everything you could need. Each shopping center offers something different, so you can always find what you’re looking for.

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