Bellerive Country Club Town and Country, MO (Review)

Bellerive Country Club, located in Town and Country, Missouri, is a prestigious golf and country club known for its immaculate course, exceptional service, and rich history. As one of the “big four” old-line elite St. Louis clubs, Bellerive offers its members a luxurious and memorable golfing experience.

This review is based on customer reviews and testimonials, highlighting various aspects of the club, such as the golf course, events, overall atmosphere, staff, food, and facilities.

Golf Course:

Many reviewers praised the fantastic golf course at Bellerive, with some describing it as a “big tournament test.” The challenging greens and thick rough make it appealing to pros and low handicappers.

At the same time, the course’s immaculate conditioning adds to its charm. The history in the clubhouse, featuring information about the club’s establishment in 1897 and the opening of its current golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Sr. in 1960, is also worth a visit, according to one reviewer.

In addition, Bellerive has hosted several major tournaments, including the 1965 US Open, the 74th PGA Championship in 1992, and the 100th PGA Championship in 2018, further adding to its prestige.

Events and Tournaments:

Bellerive Country Club has hosted numerous prestigious golfing events, including the PGA Championship in 2018. Reviewers were impressed with the club’s ability to put on a world-class event, with one stating, “Bellerive put on an event for the ages.”

Others commented on the club’s beautiful grounds and exceptional fan experience during tournaments. The 2018 PGA Championship, in particular, was a memorable event, with Brooks Koepka winning by two strokes over Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods’ performance during the tournament, including shooting his career-best final round of a major (64), contributed to the excitement of the event.

Staff and Service:

Many reviewers mentioned the attentive and helpful staff at Bellerive Country Club, who took pride in ensuring that every second of their visit was enjoyable. The volunteers during the PGA Championship were also praised for their hard work and for making St. Louis proud. The staff’s dedication to maintaining the course and providing excellent customer service was evident in the positive reviews.

Food and Drinks:

Bellerive’s exceptional food and drinks were also highlighted by one reviewer, who found the offerings to be top-notch. In addition, the club’s catering service is designed to accommodate a variety of dietary preferences and tastes, ensuring that guests enjoy a memorable dining experience.

While not many reviewers mentioned the dining options, the available feedback was very positive, indicating that Bellerive’s culinary offerings are on par with the rest of its luxurious facilities and services.

Facilities and Grounds:

The grounds at Bellerive Country Club are consistently described as beautiful and well-maintained. The club’s ability to keep the course pristine during major events, such as the PGA Championship, is a testament to its staff’s dedication and hard work.

In addition to the golf course, the club also offers various amenities, such as locker rooms and practice facilities, to provide members and guests with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. One reviewer also mentioned the 50% discount on souvenirs at the gift shop following the PGA Championship, indicating that the club is attentive to the needs of its patrons.

Accessibility and Location:

Bellerive Country Club is conveniently located about 20-30 minutes west of St. Louis and only 15-20 minutes southwest of the airport, making it easily accessible for both local and visiting golf enthusiasts. The club’s picturesque setting in the suburban area of Town and Country offers a serene and tranquil environment, perfect for a day of golf or relaxation.

Dress Code and Club Rules:

One reviewer noted Bellerive’s strict dress code and guest rules, including restrictions on cell phone use and requirements for attire. While these rules may seem stringent to some, they are in place to maintain the club’s distinguished atmosphere and ensure that all members and guests can enjoy an exclusive and refined experience.

For those who appreciate a traditional golf club environment, these rules contribute to the overall charm and elegance of Bellerive Country Club.

Clubhouse and Historical Significance:

The history of Bellerive Country Club is displayed throughout the clubhouse, offering guests a glimpse into the club’s storied past. With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1897, Bellerive has played a significant role in the world of golf.

The clubhouse is an elegant and inviting space where members and guests can unwind after a day on the course, socialize with fellow golf enthusiasts, or host private events and celebrations.

Environmental Considerations:

One reviewer mentioned the lack of adequate water stations during the August PGA Championship, suggesting room for improvement in the club’s environmental sustainability efforts. However, it is worth noting that Bellerive Country Club is committed to maintaining its beautiful grounds and golf course, which requires careful attention to water conservation and other environmental practices.

As a world-class golf facility, Bellerive is likely to continue refining its sustainability efforts to meet the needs of its members and guests while preserving its natural surroundings.


Bellerive Country Club offers a luxurious and unforgettable golf experience for members and guests alike. With its challenging and well-maintained golf course, world-class events, attentive staff, exceptional food and drinks, and elegant facilities, the club has earned its place among the “big four” old-line elite St. Louis clubs.

While some may find the club’s dress code and rules to be strict, they contribute to Bellerive’s distinguished and exclusive atmosphere. Overall, based on the reviews and testimonials, Bellerive Country Club is a top-tier golf destination worth visiting for golf enthusiasts and those seeking a refined and memorable experience.

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