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AJ Nails, located at 1168 Town and Country Crossing Dr, Town, and Country, MO 63017, is a popular nail salon offering a wide range of nail services. With convenient hours of operation from Monday through Sunday, and an array of positive reviews, AJ Nails has become a go-to destination for many looking for the perfect manicure or pedicure.

In this expanded review, we will dive deeper into the various aspects of AJ Nails, including the customer experiences and testimonials, the atmosphere, the range of services provided, and suggestions for improvements.

Customer Experiences and Testimonials

Many customers have shared their positive experiences at AJ Nails, expressing their satisfaction with the overall service. They frequently praise the friendly and skilled staff, the wide selection of color choices, and the consistently great results.

Some customers have been visiting the salon for years and consider it the best nail salon in town. Others have noted the salon’s ability to accommodate special requests, such as working with elderly clients or fixing botched nail jobs from other salons.

Atmosphere and Cleanliness

AJ Nails is known for its clean and well-maintained salon. The interior design is modern and welcoming, making clients feel comfortable during their visit. The salon offers ample parking and is conveniently located near a Whole Foods market, making it easy for clients to run errands before or after their appointments. Customers appreciate the salon’s focus on hygiene and cleanliness and the relaxing ambiance that allows them to unwind and enjoy their pampering experience.

Quality of Service

AJ Nails offers a variety of nail services, including gel manicures, powder dip nails, acrylic nails, pedicures, and nail art. Many customers have complimented the quality of the services they receive, with some even stating that they’ve received the best gel manicure they’ve ever had at AJ Nails. In addition, the technicians at the salon are known for their talent and attention to detail, ensuring that clients leave with nails that meet or exceed their expectations.

In addition to their nail services, AJ Nails also offers other beauty treatments, such as waxing and eyelash extensions. This allows clients to enjoy a comprehensive beauty experience in one convenient location.

Range of Services and Products

AJ Nails takes pride in offering a wide range of services to cater to various client preferences. From classic manicures and pedicures to the latest nail trends, clients can find the perfect service to suit their needs. The salon also provides an extensive selection of nail polish colors and brands, ensuring clients have plenty of options when choosing the perfect shade for their nails.

Moreover, AJ Nails uses high-quality products to provide the best possible results for their clients. The salon is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest industry innovations and trends, allowing them to offer cutting-edge services and treatments.

Suggestions for Improvements

Although many of the reviews on Google and Yelp for AJ Nails are positive, there are a few areas where the salon could improve. For example, some customers have experienced longer wait times or felt that the technicians were not as attentive as they could be.

A few customers also mentioned that the focus on speed might sometimes impact the quality of the service. However, by addressing these concerns and implementing changes, such as streamlining appointment scheduling and ensuring that all staff members consistently provide excellent customer service, AJ Nails can continue to grow and improve as a top nail salon in Town and Country, MO.


AJ Nails in Town and Country, MO, offers a wide range of nail services in a clean, well-maintained, and welcoming salon. Most customers have shared positive experiences, praising the friendly staff, the extensive range of services, and the quality of the work provided. While there are some mixed reviews, it’s clear that many customers have had great experiences at AJ Nails and would recommend the salon to others. By addressing the concerns mentioned in the mixed reviews and focusing on continuous improvement, AJ Nails can maintain its reputation as a popular nail salon in the area.

AJ Nails’ commitment to quality service, talented technicians, and a wide range of offerings make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking a nail salon in Town and Country, MO. As the salon grows and evolves, clients can look forward to even more exceptional services and an enhanced pampering experience. So, if you’re in the area and in need of a manicure, pedicure, or other beauty treatments, be sure to give AJ Nails a try – you may just find your new go-to salon.

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